Thursday, 11 February 2010

On A lighter note..

If you Visit the DCA in Dundee-please check out the Cinema as whenever an art show is on weither your a  big or small artist-the artist is allowed to pick or suggest films that have inspired/influenced there work past or present.
Now all hypothetically here-if I was allowed to show at DCA I would defiantly choose this film among my many....

(I think these trousers alone inspired the disco pant From AA)
(I screen captured this myself-as I absolutely fell in love with Jodie Fosters White Fitted Capri pants and satin number)

(I watched it on YouTube and loved the smoky club atmosphere in the key scenes and the image of them as a four)
The reason I would choose the 1980 film Foxes is it deals with allot of themes that seem to be cropping up repeatly in my work. Lonliness, Alienation from society, the ideas of female sexuality, friendship and finally the idea of what it is to not want to be young but afraid to grow old but yet yearning to be considered older.
The very hot Blond one is Cherie Currie from the Runaways fame (She will now in 2010 be known as she’s to be turned into a what looks like shite film staring Dokkata Fanning and "I cant stop blinking and sighing every time imp on screen even in adventure land which trust me is shite also” Kirstin Stewart based on their band the RUNAWAYS. Plus on that note have you seen her very bad hair in the movie trust me Joan Jett was hot she did not have a female mullet. The runaways where 80s punk hot...) Cherie Currie is really not half bad at playing a girl that keeps falling of the wagon cause shes scared of the future. Jodie Foster plays the main lady as is also very good naturally . The other two actress to me seem to have dissapred into 80s flashbacks but are very good as well.

If you can check it out and be nostalgic for the clothes but thankful that were not tennage girls anymore..

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