Monday, 1 February 2010

Images that inspire...

I watch film's am of course inspired by them............heres just a couple that spring to mind.....
Untamed heart
 A very lovely romantic film,requires no brain cells film but very very well acted-Christian Slater looking very 90s with long hair.The chemistry between the actors is lovely and feels very 'real'.It makes you want to believe in neverending love.Plus wonderful soundtrack---->

Better then that silly moulin Rouge version which now sticks in your mind when you hear this-the original is the stuff to fall in love to....

The Fall
Visually it will blow your mind. The story at times is very miss matched but is wonderful for it.Plus the actor Lee Pace is wonderfully handsome so you can easily forgive.
The costume designer-- Eiko ishioka will blow your mind.
Plus i nearly threw up at the fabric blood scene it made my eyes so happy.
Heres another of ishioka's work on Brian Strokers Dracula (another very camp film but  all the less some costumed lovelyness!)--

The Collector
I read the book and become obsessed so quickly i went and bought the film.I dont want to reveal to much  but please if you can watch it after reading the book.As this a wonderful dark film that come from a very dark source(far darker in the book).I love the book so much i plan to give to a friend for her birthday.

Its lovely and single handely inspired my wardrobe for my last year in high school.I still watch in awe.

An Education
If you havent seen it your missing out.....Carey Mulligan is mindblowing and a face to watch.

More films soon...

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