Friday, 25 December 2009

Shades of grey...grey gardens

I love all shades of Grey in all forms -i watched the hbo movie "Grey gardens" today starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica lange.Its based on the documentry of the same name which as the shots above show looks not only harrowing but very intresting(Its for note  is on tv on four this wed but is in the art sckool libary hopefully ill watch it wed..if not libary here I come..)
As its christmas day i love watching a good film-im not a huge fan of barrymore as she can fall into the quite girly type.This though was sooo intresting i recommend!!
Merry christmas everyone!
love from me

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

a council of one...

Im thinking alot about these buildings and metaphors for my work.Id planned today to go out and take pictures but the lovely soft snow stopped me. i think it was 4 inches and quite enjoyable just to play in--I also have been thinking alot about the film fishtank and wishing i had just gone to see it.
love from me

Monday, 21 December 2009

Underwear as outwear

Ive always been a major fan  but who hasent!!!but today i have grown a larger one.Seen to be a big trend in spring summer 2010 (think dolce) ive been keeping my eye on it...Love gagas,allens and a wonderful style bloggers take on it  some more noticable then others---- im looking at you gaga!!.But with my recent purchase of the very sylish house of holland suspender tights and a lusting for Lily allens chanels,,,,,,I decided with the coming arrival of santa to go into my local h n m in my hometown today.I have read on Bloggers sites plus elle and vogue about the collabration of Sonia rykiel the french wonderwomen with H n M.I thought the pieces apon inspection where very well made and great value for money. the colours were a textile lovers dream-champagnes and midnight blues.They look far more than they are---I from santa thanks to a lovely friend got the gorgeoous body in the middle.
I think the piece would look fantastic poking out from underneath shirts and tucked into harem pants and high waisted skirts.The tights underneath an understated LBD aswell a sutle nod to the trend aswell..Bring on the festivities and from me x

Monday, 30 November 2009

im a picture girl

i am through and through
......included are some film still's from the artist Cindy Sherman.I love love love..

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Meet me halfway...

i dont think anyones even bothered what a girl from edinburgh studying in dundee really likes.But i like this...................

Friday, 13 November 2009

Some sketchbook pages

heres a wee selection of my sketchbook work-my work is autobiographical and is still in progress.I/m concered with the idea of self and feminity.But to me my work is my sketchbook.sorry about the quality of the pics its my cameraphone as my little old faithful cameras givin up the ghost
i hope you enjoy

love from mexx

Silly me

I thought id update this as i was waiting for ages to get my password reset!

All of us 4th years are getting well streesed with dissearation so im sorry if im lacking in posts soon

But i will be a good girl and post sketchbook pages soon


p.s i used to have a blog entitled Katrin Davidson-i decided to give it up as in all honestly it just wasent me i never got into a flow of writing with it like i wanted.So greenier pastures heres my new one!.ive deleted the old one so please feel free to catch up with me here from now on.....Thank you 

Shades of grey

Shades of grey
why hello you