Friday, 9 July 2010

Im finally back in the world of the living.My macbook died a sad screen sudden death-which  toke me a while to organise and depart with.But im back online and back to be inspired with the old macbook being better  and sparkly.Im currently living a slumped life back in edinburgh at home working in a small cafe serving coffee and wishing the staff to stop being bitchy.I have to keep reminding myself that this is all to raise money for my research trips to Mexico and Florence  (with london and a holiday in the sun possibly with my sis!).I have to wake up every day and try to really push myself to do research for my video projects and sktchbook work!
But I worked with chicks on speed-and was greatly disapointed with their unproffesional,disorganised attuitude.They left alot to be desired.But i recently recieved an email from one in particular that me and the other 2 dancers were closely working with to congradulate us.I felt guitly for all my bitching!
Alls well that ends well.

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Shades of grey
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