Saturday, 30 January 2010

Its scary how much i admire her....

I never want to say "She is my favourite artist ever ever ever ever. and i love her soo much" .
Thats just silly and childish but on one hand i really admire and enjoy her work.
Thought recently her current work doesnt as visually exite me as her early yba 
work.I have greatly admired and adored her from when i attended College to do a 
portfolio Course.I havent for coming on 6 years ever really not admired her as 
much as i do.
At times she prentious and Self absobed.I have always wanted to meet her-I misseda chance to attend the opening of her exbition of her work for the last 20 years in Edinburgh.I had other plans i couldnt get out off.
But I have in my own way seen her in the flash rather then just a silly art student pouring over her books and watching youtube videos of her when i can.I 
Went to London 2 years ago with friends and as we stood outside a club called PUnk.There she came out chatting to two male friends.
I stood and watched her while my friend's shouted at me "Just do it run after her-get her autograph-run after her now"
I couldent i froze....i felt like i was trapped.My tummy wringled and flipped. I 
Felt honeslty like my knees were going to buckle underneath me.
Then she was gone.She never saw me i was a girl in a crowd and she was her.

I Hope one day to meet her and Introuduce myself and my art....We can all dream

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